Emerging Technology Fund's

Office of the Governor Rick Perry

“In Texas, we understand that high-tech companies don't just happen overnight but are a product of forethought, sound vision and planning, and strategic investments by both the public and private sectors. Through our Emerging Technology Fund, we are bringing the best scientists and researchers to Texas, attracting high-tech jobs and helping start-up companies get off the ground faster.” -- Gov. Rick Perry

FY2013 Annual Report to the Texas State Legislature on the Texas Emerging Technology Fund.
FY2013 Annual Report Summary.

What is the Texas Emerging Technology Fund?
The Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF) was created by the 79th Texas Legislature in 2005 at the urging of Gov. Perry to provide Texas with an unparalleled advantage in the research, development, and commercialization of emerging technologies.

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It gives you in ONE fund

by imworldwide

A worldwide money market fund currently at about 12% of the portfolio........
A worldwide developed markets equity fund
A worldwide emerging markets fund.
A worldwide bond component 'potential'.
The fund has a worldwide real estate portion, gold stocks, oil stocks, some technology and so much more..........
It invests in quality stocks including the USA that have a history of paying dividends.............................
Today the fund is 20% USA.
Five years ago the fund was 60% USA.
It makes the decisions for you that you are not equiped to make

Veteran tech company exec talks exit paths  — Chicago Tribune
Jim Gagnard, chairman of the Illinois Technology Association, which provides resources and support for emerging technology companies, said that while a tiny proportion of startups eventually issue initial public offerings, the majority that stay in ..

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