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Over the past ten years, the development of products which combine technology with wearables has evolved from academic research and early start-ups to brand roll-outs and a fully-developed supply chain that encompasses sensors, electronics, platforms, and apps. The wearable electronics market, valued at $2.7 billion in 2012, is expected to reach $8.3 billion by 2018, primarily across the health, fitness, military and industrial sectors.

What’s the collective noun for a group of Futurists? A “ponder” perhaps? I’ve never knowingly met one before but there were a whole bunch at London’s wearable technology show, which took place at Olympia last month. Inevitably, there were also quite a few Google Glass explorers (a “gaggle” of glass…? No? OK. I’ll stop that now).

Ohmatex, a smart textile technology company, has launched its first fully washable connector, designed specifically to provide connectivity for smart textile products currently in development. to a textile or thin conductive material. “The smart textile industry has been waiting for a solution like this, ” said Ben Moir, of Wearable Experiments (currently developing an Alert Shirt for gaming).

The Textile Institute has announced that its next World Conference will take place in at the Lake View Garden Hotel Wuhan, China, from 2-6 November 2014. ence (TIWC 2014).

Danish smart textiles consultancy Ohmatex ApS, has published its latest White Paper – Market Opportunities for Smart Textiles 2014 - just in time for The Wearable Technology Show which takes place in London today and tomorrow. The eleven page document, which can be downloaded at the foot of this article, outlines the position of smart textile wearable devices within the wider Wearable Technology industry.

With the FILTECH Show taking place from 24th-26th February 2015, the City of Cologne in Germany will turn into the top-meeting-place for all those involved with filtration and separation and adjacent sectors.

Nanotech heads to Hollywood: Michael Crichton's latest novel Prey will propel nanoscientists into the limelight. It may benefit them. Or it may not. ... An article from: Canadian Chemical News
Book (Chemical Institute of Canada)

Nope, not in the least.computational

by JiminyCrickets

Advancement is not science fiction. Nanotechnology is no science fiction.
Database supercomputers are not science fiction.
The scale of quantum computing is not science fiction.
10 years ago Stephen Hawking wrote
"At the moment, computers show no sign of intelligence. This is not surprising, because our present computers are less complex than the brain of an earthworm. But it seems to me that if very complicated chemical molecules can operate in humans to make them intelligent, then equally complicated electronic circuits can also make computers act in an intelligent way

You haven't done enough investigating

by JiminyCrickets

We have no idea what consciousness is or when it takes place. The mega computer centers will be as large as New York City and be stationed out in space performing multiple quintillion computation per millisecond.
Dwarfing human computation - in fact dwarfing the entire human population of computation by many trillion fold.
Humans are a threatened species and we are unwittingly creating the predator.
Once nanotechnology starts building the nano components you will see a drastic rise in computational quota.

Nanotubes Increase Solar PV Conductivity 100 Million-Fold  — Sourceable
Carbon-based nanostructures are already being used as materials in solar cells with increasing frequency, yet their ability to enhance electrical performance has thus far been hampered by limited ability to assemble orderly networks using the materials.

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