Nanotechnology phone waterproof

Why aren't all our smartphones waterproof right now?

Why aren't all our smartphones waterproof right now?

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This is the future, but it's here now

The mobile phone has gone from a novelty device to untether us from the wall to the one thing we take everywhere and expect to keep up with the demands of our unpredictable lives.

As the cost has escalated, so has our desire to keep them safe, leading to reams of cases and hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on insuring our treasured possessions.

In recent years manufacturers have made progress in making these phones more "life proof" by using tougher materials, stronger glass, and some manufacturers - such as Sony - have even made some of their newer smartphones fully waterproof.

There's a new round of companies too, aiming to make almost every device waterproof without having suffer any compromises in design or weight to achieve it. What does this all mean? We'll we've dived into the deep end to find.

Samsung Galaxy S4 ActiveBest waterproof smartphones

Whether you've been unfortunate to drop your phone in the bath, drink or even down the toilet (we kid you not), you'll have felt the pain of attempting to resurrect your phone from a potential watery grave.

If you haven't, then it's probably only a matter of time before you do according to the statistics, so here's our picks from the current crop of smartphones on the market to help you guard your device from the dangers of liquid.

Sony Xperia Z1 & Xperia Z

The waterproof Sony Xperia Z1

JCB SiteMaster 2This article couldn't pass by without a nod to the Sony Xperia Z1, a smartphone built with the clumsy, or perhaps adventurous, types in mind. Unlike many other waterpoof phones it has all the features of a flagship Android handset, but with the addition of IP 58 rating.

This rating represents the Z1's abilities to withstand dust and water, allowing submersion in up to one and a half metres of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

The Z1 superseded the Xperia Z, which was not as refined in the design department, with a covered headphone slot and only packing an IP rating of 57, meaning it's less water resistant than the Xperia Z1 (but also cheaper).

Sony Xperia Z1 WaterFi
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