Printed Electronics benefits

Making Printed Electronics marketable


Benefits for the industry

Printed electronics does not imply new large investments for the industry, because only small adaptations are required on existing machinery. Josep Lluís says: “We have a roll-to-roll machine that comes from the world of graphic arts that has been adapted to print Printed Electronics.” The adaptations are done mainly for the ink to be cured, placing heating devices at a certain distance and temperature.

Graphic arts companies have a great opportunity here to take advantage of their assets and facilities. With minor adaptations they may be capable to print new products that could sell at a higher price than common ink printing works. “It’s a quite disruptive innovation for them, probably too much for some of them. I always say that what determines the difficulty of a new business is whether the sales chain is highly altered or not, like the fact of establishing new different channels (for instance, from printing labels for wine bottles to print labels for boxes in the automotive industry)”, states Josep LLuís.

Another advantage of products moving to printed electronics based features is their supply chain, which will need minor or nonexistent modifications. “Printed Electronics features will be integrated downstream upon existing supply chains, and as said, new costs and investments will be attractively low.”

Concerning professional profiles for this industry, Josep Lluís Checa thinks that “we don’t think that it will appear radically new professional profiles. For example, we have an expert on common graphic arts printing techniques to carry out electronic printing processes.” So it seems more probable that current professionals will find new sectors to work in, taking advantage of their skills, rather than an emerging need for completely new professional profiles.

Approaching the market

From a technical development perspective, Josep Lluís Checa and many professionals from the sector believe that Printed Electronics is moving forward towards its standardization and to the research of new functionalities to be applied on products in a massive way. Particularly, he affirms that “In Printed Electronics, we are not talking about development of ex-novo products, but about existing products acquiring a new functionality such as thermal, light based, or sensor based.”

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COURT rules YOU own someone money

by wastedenergy

CHICAGO (MarketWatch) — Tucked into the U.S. Supreme Court’s agenda this fall is a little-known case that could upend your ability to resell everything from your grandmother’s antique furniture to your iPhone 4.
At issue in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons is the first-sale doctrine in copyright law, which allows you to buy and then sell things like electronics, books, artwork and furniture, as well as CDs and DVDs, without getting permission from the copyright holder of those products.
A Supreme Court case could limit the resale of goods made overseas but sold in America

Der VDMA auf der interpack 2014, Processes & Packaging Leading Trade Fair ..  — TRENDKRAFT (Pressemitteilung)
Einblick in Visionen und Anwendungsmöglichkeirten gibt die OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association). Sicherheit entlang der gesamten Lieferkette Moderne Kennzeichnungstechnik ist der Schlüssel zu mehr Know-how- und Verbraucherschutz.

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