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Printed Electronics Sector Takes Hard Look at the Flexible Future

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Printed Electronics Sector Takes Hard Look at the Flexible Future

By Paula Doe, SEMI Emerging Markets

The flexible and printed electronics community reports encouraging progress in the materials and process ecosystem needed for commercial production — and an increasingly realistic focus on applications that best capitalize on the technology’s strengths. Best near-term prospects now look to be sturdy light-weight displays, smart sensor systems, and flexible and large area biomedical sensors and imagers.

Improving technology for everything from barrier films to roll-to-roll in-line testing may mean printed or flexible electronics will start to see some more significant commercial applications in the next few years. Judging from the reported status of sturdy lightweight displays, smart-enough sensor tags, and medical sensors and imagers at FlexTech Alliance’s annual conference last week in Phoenix, suppliers are increasingly targeting higher-value applications that can’t easily be made in other ways.

Light-weight, Rugged Displays

“This industry is starting to become reality, ” asserted Plastic Logic CEO Indro Mukerjee, “We’ve moved from a science project to an industrial process, and have created a value chain with partners to make the business possible.” He has moved the flexible display company away from marketing its own e-reader to supplying its electrophoretic display on flexible backplane module to a wide range of new users, now working with partners making outdoor signs, watches, automobiles, smart cards, and industrial indicators. He’s also promoting the company’s flexible TFT backplane for use in other markets, and aggressively pursuing LCD makers to transfer the production process for scaling. “The technology frontier business is not for the faint hearted, ” he noted. “We’re going for it at Plastic Logic.”

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Housing Market Trend Is?

by FWLittle

Every area is different. Consider reasons the market might be up: 1) Spring is close at hand; 2) the West Coast won't suffer a radiation catastrophe if Japanese plants DON'T explode;
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doesn't avoid a nuclear catastrophe; US jobless
rate decreased one-tenth of one percent in last 2 years; gas at pump is still unseasonably high; US in tenth year of conflict with Iraq; China has become the world's second greatest...

Good police work?

by cgimover

If you've never been here then the comments are uneducated. EVERYTHING for sale at every market and by every street vendor violates copyrights. From cigarettes, cds, dvd, watches, clothing, cellphones, electronics, liquor not to mention everything printed on clothing...... ad infinitum. So what are police gonna do about it?, absolutely nothing unless you are an expat/foreigner selling on Craigslist. And the last time I checked, a pre-meditated extortion and impersonating an officer in the commission of a crime is not good police work

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