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At our first Emerging Technology Governance Brainstorm on December 13th, the natural starting point for all of us was “What is an emerging technology anyway?”

Fortunately, at the new World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies, a draft definition had been drafted at their meeting in November. We didn’t get chance to discuss it in depth, but would interested in knowing stakeholder views on the definition and a proposed listing of technologies which may be covered by the term.

Please feel free to leave comments on your views below. These will be used for a paper/article to be drafted by MATTER early next year and will contribute to our Emerging Technology Governance Initiative. Here is their definition:

What are emerging technologies?

  • They are technologies which arise from new knowledge, or the innovative application of existing knowledge;
  • leading to the rapid development of new capabilities;
  • are projected to have significant systemic and long-lasting economic, social and political impacts;
  • create new opportunities for and challenges to addressing global issues;
  • have the potential to disrupt or create entire industries.

List of Emerging Technologies

We would also like to compile an up to date list of those technologies which are considered ‘Emerging’ and make as clear as possible a distinction as to what is in and what is out and why!

The areas below were mentioned in passing at the meeting, but no listing was devised. Please feel free to add or comment on those included here, some may have emerged in some ways but not in others, while others may just be incremental though disruptive improvements on old technologies – do they deserve a place? I have also added a list of those which, by virtue of not being included on this first list, are considered to have ‘emerged’. They may have similar challenges to those still emerging.

Do you agree with this rather arbitrary distinction? Is the distinction really viable? Please feel free to suggest synonymous terms also.

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GlassPay Brings Bitcoin Mobile Payments

by COOL_

To Google Glass
GlassPay, which debuted at the DEMO 2013 emerging technologies conference, aims to bring the online buying experience to brick-and-mortar stores that already accept bitcoin mobile payments. The app works by allowing users to create a virtual shopping cart by scanning the barcodes of items they want to buy; users can then purchase the items digitally using bitcoins, eliminating the need to pay at the register.
"With GlassPay, we're taking one of the most basic cultural experiences — the act of purchasing items — and bringing it into the future," said Guy Paddock, CEO of RedBottle Design, LLC, in a statement

— Ningbo Expat Life
Ø Emerging Information Technologies: cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, digital technology, Internet application, business intelligence, new e-commerce, intelligent terminal, artificial intelligence, new media, mobile game, 3D ..

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