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Purpose of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies


The liberal democratic revolution, centuries old and still growing strong, has at its core the idea that people are happiest when they have rational control over their lives. Reason, science, and technology provide one kind of control, slowly freeing us from ignorance, toil, pain, and disease. Democracy provides the other kinds of control, through civil liberties and electoral participation.

Technology and democracy complement one another, ensuring that safe technology is generally accessible and democratically accountable. The convergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science in the coming decades will give us unimaginable technological mastery of nature and ourselves. That mastery requires progressive democratization.

Our purpose, therefore, is to stimulate and support constructive study of ethical issues connected with these powerful emerging technologies.

The Debate Over Human Enhancement

In the next fifty years, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, and cognitive science will allow human beings to transcend the limitations of the human body. Healthy lifespans will extend well beyond a century. Our senses and cognition will be enhanced. We will have greater control over our emotions and memory. Our bodies and brains will be surrounded by and merged with computer power. >The prospect of rapid change in the human condition understandably worries many people. Now a loose coalition of groups has emerged to forbid human enhancement"”from genetic therapies and psychopharmaceuticals to prosthetic organs and nanomedical robotics. This "bioconservative" coalition is diverse, including some bioethicists, religious conservatives, disability rights and environmental activists, and leftist critics of biotechnology.

The IEET believes this debate desperately needs voices that avoid these extremes, voices that argue for the potential benefits of new technologies while proposing realistic policies to mitigate their risks within a strong democratic framework.

Defending Rights While Taking Risks Seriously

Responding to the polarization of the debate between technophobes and anti-regulatory technophiles, an emerging global network of technoprogressive thinkers are defending people's rights to use human enhancement technologies, while taking seriously the need to regulate their safety and social consequences. Technoprogressives address questions such as the right to use"”and not use"”cognitive enhancement technologies in an increasingly competitive society.

How much clinical testing will be necessary to ensure the safety of genetic enhancements? How can we regulate psychoactive drugs in a way that respects cognitive liberty? When should parents be permitted to genetically enhance their children? How can we avoid exacerbating inequality as human enhancement technologies spread? Which enhancement therapies should be provided through the market and which as a right of citizenship through universal...

Ron Paul just lost my support: opposes internet

by Point

One of the emerging Internet freedom movement’s greatest assets — the hyper-aware, ever-connected, techno-libertarian crowd that has fervently supported Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) for president — is about to become one of it’s greatest opponents.
Paul and his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), are taking up a new project that, according to a report published Thursday by BuzzFeed, will “serve as a counterpoint” to the Declaration of Internet Freedom released this week by some of the Web’s leading activists, journalists and technologists.
Paul and his large, enthusiastic contingency of supporters were a cornerstone in the fight against the draconian Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), joining with civil libertarians on the left to defeat the bill in the largest work stoppage...

PS4 reviews are emerging!!

by 0tterbee

And Polygon has a pretty good video review amidst this article:
The one most damning thing that I read here is this though:
The PS4 doesn't support the new 802.11ac wireless standard, instead relying on an 802.11n/b/g radio at 2.4Ghz — no 5Ghz support here either, all of which is disappointing to see on a consumer device in 2013.
It's unfortunate to see them skimp (once again!) on wireless technology. The bottom line is, if they want PS Vita TV and Remote Play (at least within the home) to really be a solid experience, they should NOT have skimped on the wi-fi support within the PS4

Core 2 Duo-based Mac owners who want to unlock n

by part-2-end

Core 2 Duo-based Mac owners who want to unlock next-generation 802.11n wireless technologies hidden inside their computers will first have to fork a few bucks over to Apple, AppleInsider has confirmed.That's unless they plan to plunk down $179 for the company's forthcoming 802.11n-enabled AirPort Extreme Base Station, with which the unlocking fee (and 802.11n software enabler patch) are reportedly includedApple for the last several months has quietly been shipping the majority of its Core 2 Duo systems with inactive support for the draft 802.11n specification, an emerging wireless standard that promises fivefold speed increases over previous-generation 802

Veteran tech company exec talks exit paths  — Chicago Tribune
Jim Gagnard, chairman of the Illinois Technology Association, which provides resources and support for emerging technology companies, said that while a tiny proportion of startups eventually issue initial public offerings, the majority that stay in ..

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