Emerging Technology Center

Tompkins Emerging Technology Center

Integration is what the ETC is all about—pulling together the hardware, software, and processes to provide a Total Supply Chain Solution.

The ETC is a practical integration of multiple supply chain technologies. It was conceived and built to help provide value to Tompkins’ clients. Experience how this working $6 million dollar, 11, 000 square foot center helps you integrate people, software and equipment to improve your supply chain.

The ETC has the industry’s best solutions for your business today and tomorrow—all under one roof.

Use the ETC for:

  • Integration and testing: Compare and evaluate equipment and compatibility before implementation.
  • Technology evaluation: See how material handling modules, subassemblies and software work together before installation.
  • Employee training: Train employees in a live, hands-on environment for realistic operations and maintenance instruction.
  • Total supply chain support: The Tompkins Support Center staff provides coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week with access to your facility hardware and software.

Your supply chain is your lifeline. How you manufacture, store and move materials should be proven, nimble and smart. At the Tompkins Emerging Technology Center (ETC), you can evaluate and test supply chain technology solutions at no risk before you invest time and money. The ETC focuses on technologies such as RFID, voice-activated picking and real-time warehouse controls.

See firsthand how the ETC’s integrated equipment, technology, training and support can work together to improve your total supply chain and bottom line. Only a fully functional, automated warehouse like the ETC allows you to test live solutions while maintaining ongoing operations.

The Latest Equipment and Technology

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Ecology Center'sTerrain: automated rapid transit

by -ultra-light-rail

The summer issue is available free at the Ecology Center, Berkeley farmer's markets and mailed to members.
This is one of the best articles I have seen about automated trams, but the author does not cover the economic importance of fossil-free transportation.
The author covers several other PRT and GRT developers, but mostly Cybertran because it is both local and the emerging industry leader.
As I drove around the block for the fourth time, looking for a parking space near Oakland’s Jack London Square, the irony hit me: I had chosen my car to get to the headquarters of a company that hopes to revolutionize public transit

— SurfKY News
Each class will be held 6 – 8 p.m., May 6, 13, 20, 27 and June 3, in the Emerging Technology Center, Room 112. A short field trip is planned for May 27. The cost for the five classes is $90. Participants are encouraged to bring a camera.

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