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Kenoly Emerging Technologies, LLC is a leading provider of virtual business services for brands seeking to improve business results through their sales and service channels. We customize and deliver high-quality voice, e-mail, and chat customer service, technical support, and sales. KETatlanta’s 100 percent virtual model is able to best match skills to specific client needs. This allows companies unparalleled flexibility for growth and profitability while improving their customers’ satisfaction.

Our relentless focus on delivering Best Performance means we consistently out-perform brick-and-mortar competitors, other at-home providers and our clients’ in-house service organizations. KETatlanta brings the virtual solutions model to life for premium brands.

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GlassPay Brings Bitcoin Mobile Payments

by to_Google_Glass

GlassPay, which debuted at the DEMO 2013 emerging technologies conference, aims to bring the online buying experience to brick-and-mortar stores that already accept bitcoin mobile payments. The app works by allowing users to create a virtual shopping cart by scanning the barcodes of items they want to buy; users can then purchase the items digitally using bitcoins, eliminating the need to pay at the register.
"With GlassPay, we're taking one of the most basic cultural experiences — the act of purchasing items — and bringing it into the future," said Guy Paddock, CEO of RedBottle Design, LLC, in a statement

Foreign automakers to outbuild Detroit

by J6P_is_Clueless

This equates to a "Permanent Unemployment" even if the same # of workers are used b/c of the lower wages paid.
(Lower by as much as 50%)
That's less $$ flowing in the economy.
Foreign automakers to outbuild Detroit in North America:
DETROIT (Reuters) - European and Asian automakers are expected to build more vehicles in North America than Detroit's three automakers by 2012 following a sweeping restructuring of the domestic industry, according to a study released on Monday.
General Motors Corp GMGMQ.PK, Ford Motor Co (F

Tetra Discovery to Collaborate with The Broad Institute's Stanley Center for ..  — MarketWatch
The company also receives major funding through the National Institute of Mental Health Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and the Michigan Emerging Technologies Fund. Contact: Eric Nelson, Ph.D. Vice President Business Development

Amer Library Assn Informing Innovation: Tracking Student Interest in Emerging Library Technologies at Ohio University
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