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Feeling turned upside down by the digital marketing landscape? There's an app for th... well, at least Gartner has taken the time to build a handy transit map style infographic to show us the digital marketing toolkit in a somewhat navigable way.

In all the talk of emerging technologies, there is often the suspicion that much of it is just hype. Gartner has been observing these technologies and since 1995 measuring the level of hype against the reality of those technologies. Among the fast moving technologies in this year’s studies are cloud computing, Big Data and media tablets.

Take a minute and talk mobile strategy with Marci Maddox, Director Global Product Marketing at OpenText.

Whether you’re fully immersed within a world of content management or you’re just getting acquainted with digital marketing across multiple platforms, Gilbane Boston 2011 may be worth the price of admission.

The reinvention of the traditional search engine has kept many companies busy. And while consumer search engines such as Google and Bing may reign supreme, within the enterprise, search queries often require more substance and hearty discovery. Especially because the enterprise doesn’t always know what it knows, searching for information can be laborious, increasing the need for an enterprise search tool that can penetrate massive amounts of data.

This morning at info360 was full of lots of rhetoric about content management, customer relations and the impact that social, emerging and innovative technologies are having on the future of enterprise IT.

The final keynote of Monday’s Online Marketing Summit in Washington, D.C. addressed issues of privacy, trust, mobile, social, local and emerging trends.

Since technology, from the printing press to the mobile phone, has entered our lives, there has been someone to remind us that it is slowly ruining it, especially when it comes to Enterprise 2.0.

The process of managing content across various media channels has evolved so as to keep up with the new and emerging types of media. It used to be photos and email, but now it’s mobile, video and social networking. Yet, as the enterprise increases its adoption of digital content through new and innovative technologies and tools, so have the challenges related to management of digital content.

10 emerging education technologies

by diverseworld

I hadn't heard of most of these and they may be of interest here. I'm not a regular here, but used to teach and there are so many more tools these days than there used to be, if you or your school can only afford them...
It also looks like this site may have some other decent articles. I like this short one: An old but good quotation - “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

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Analog design alive and growing in India
Sufia Tippu
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EE Times
(04/08/2008 5:37 PM EDT)
BENGALURA, India — A decade ago, Anand Valavi had an idea for starting an analog design group at his company, Wipro Technologies, where he worked as an ASIC engineer. Analog, he thought, could be strategic for India as well as his company, which was trying to develop a portfolio of silicon blocks for licensing.
"At that time, newspaper articles were saying there weren't 40 analog engineers in all of India," predicting the shortfall would impede the growth of the country's semiconductor business, Valavi said

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