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Older adults are concerned that kids may become lazy and negatively dependent on companion robots; retirees may choose not use robots unless there are parental controls. Yet if robots were to read about “vampire therapy” reversing the aging process with youthful blood, then the robots might be concerned about leaving kids alone with retirees.

Screen capture of Zona piracy app

If Popcorn Time was 'Hollywood's worst nightmare, ' then the piracy app Zona -- from Russia with love -- could give Hollywood night terrors while being a dream come true for pirates. Zona has a Netflix-like user interface, but offers more details and many more choices like 6, 500 movies, 5, 000 TV series, 300 TV channels, 550 radio stations, sports broadcasts, online games and even one million hours of music. The bad news is that the closed-source Java app Zona is often flagged as a PUP, or a dangerous relative to adware. Here's a review of Zona.

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Is it possible to ensure online privacy and truly have secure digital communications? Scientists believe their new encryption scheme gives an "infinite number of choices for the secret encryption key shared between the sender and receiver" and therefore promises to be "so nearly unbreakable that it will be equally unwelcome to internet criminals and official eavesdroppers."

Chris Crocker

Apple and Comcast, sitting in a tree. F. C. C. B. A. I. T. I. N. G. (even Chris is upset).

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) are in talks to get 'round network-neutrality rules, it's said. ternet at all.

Of course, it could all be a malicious rumor. But... y'know... it's Monday.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers stick it to The Man.

Is there a brand logo somewhere within the photos you share online? If so, then Ditto Labs may be analyzing it and keeping track of what you wear, eat, drink or do in those images, where you are doing it, and how you feel when you’re doing it. about mining brand insight from the 750 million public photos shared online every day.

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As emerging technologies evolve they often find an initial niche in highly specialized application scenarios, or in specific industry verticals, before expanding to wider areas of applicability. Within these initial niches the end users can be any combination of early adopter from digital enthusiasts, to fashionistas, to – perhaps mostly importantly - folks simply using the technology because it serves a specific need extremely well.


Oculus Rift rules at SXSW.

A star has been born at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas. As an annual gathering point on the rubber chicken pilgrim trail of Hollywood execs and hipsters, SXSW is intended for showcasing music and film talent. This year, the talent is a bit irked, a scene-stealer is in their midst. A virtual reality headset named Oculus Rift -- starring in an HBO "Game of Thrones" exhibition -- is getting all of the attention.

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Utility-Scale Thin-Film: Three New Plants in Ger

by livecartoondog

Utility-Scale Thin-Film: Three New Plants in Germany Total Almost 50 MW
Germany has been breaking records with its thin-film developments, and with three developments totalling almost 50 MW of new capacity, this rapidly emerging technology continues to set the bar higher.
by David Appleyard, Editor, Renewable Energy World Magazine
London, UK [Renewable Energy World Magazine]
Although still lagging behind crystalline silicon in the maximum efficiency stakes, as costs per Wp fall, thin-film technologies are rapidly taking up a significant share of the PV market

This is a big reason why I can't stand

by Allegory

Fundamentalists, and most conservatives.
Why wasn't the US the first to do this? We could have been.
Why aren't we on the forefront of ANY technologies?
Because we allow the huge rich corporations to run our government.
Why would they help emerging industries?
We should be working on solar power
and stem cell research
and water powered cars
and a whole shit load of other technologies that this country has let Exxon, and Pfizer cast off long ago.
Those industries will emerge across the seas, and we'll be left behind

Tetra Discovery to Collaborate with The Broad Institute's Stanley Center for ..  — MarketWatch
The company also receives major funding through the National Institute of Mental Health Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and the Michigan Emerging Technologies Fund. Contact: Eric Nelson, Ph.D. Vice President Business Development

Shocking the system with emerging technologies.(BRIEFINGS: News Update)(mathematics education): An article from: District Administration
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League's technology conference examines changing students and emerging technologies.(Conference news): An article from: Community College Week
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Quality Information Publishers, Inc. Vintage Oil Science and Technology: Gasoline for Everybody DVD (1947)
DVD (Quality Information Publishers, Inc.)
  • Title: Gasoline for Everybody
  • Year: 1947
  • Run Time: 12:54
  • Audio/Visual: Sound, Black & White
Label Summit Latin America: the annual conference returned to Mexico City--with a focus on business management and emerging technologies.(Conference news): An article from: Label & Narrow Web
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