Technology in Emergency Management

Building Earthquake Resilience Through Technology

ATLANTA, Ga., /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Emergency Visions, Inc. (EVI), the leading provider of cloud and mobile enabled Disaster Resource Management (DRM) solutions, announces they will be co-hosting a webinar with Carahsoft on . The webinar, titled, will feature guest speaker, Brent Woodworth of the Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Foundation and the Community Stakeholder Network of Los Angeles.

Mr. Woodworth is a well-known leader in global risk, crisis management, community relations, and collaborative partnership development. He also has a distinguished history of working with governments, private sector corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

With the recent seismic activity on the west coast and the current level of preparedness being questioned, any government agency or organization in the state of California can benefit from attending this webinar. Mr. Woodworth will lead a thought provoking webinar on earthquake preparedness for the Golden State and will discuss how technology solutions can play a strategic role in community resilience against the threat of a major earthquake. Mr. Woodworth will be followed by Shawn Smith, Chief Evangelist of EVI, who will discuss the role of technology in DRM and will demonstrate EVI's solution, ResponseVision® 4.0.

This webinar will focus on:

  • New approaches to community resilience utilizing technology for data sharing
  • Best practices in mobile technology for managing disaster resources
  • Major earthquake threats to the Golden State
  • Q+A focused on California preparedness initiatives

EVI's CEO and Chairman, Mark Morel said, "We are excited to partner with Carahsoft once again on an industry leading webinar to shed light on technology solutions that can benefit the citizens in the State of California."

Mr. Morel went on to add, "Mr. Woodworth is a leader in developing community resilience and we look forward to hearing his thoughts on making California safer through the utilization of technology and Whole Community collaboration."

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