Carbon capture and storage Nanotechnology

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d to a reduction of carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere. Olah is a Nobel Prize Laureate chemistry. Through the chemical conversions enabled by nanomaterials, the current lifestyles that rely extensively on conventional carbon containing fuels and products can continue indefinitely without harming the environment while preserving and even improving the earth's atmosphere for the benefit of future generations.This method includes an initial step of capturing carbon dioxide and then chemically recycling it to form carbon containing fuels and products. The discoveries by Olah and Prakas offer a feasible way to mitigate the carbon footprint caused by human activities while not limiting or prohibiting the use of carbon containing fuels for transportation, electricity generation and a variety of derived chemicals and products. The reduction in atmospheric CO2 is achieved by preparing such fuels and related carbon containing products from carbon dioxide that is captured from industrial sources or by the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

By capturing and chemically recycling CO2 emissions, a neutral or in some case a negative carbon footprint is achieved. This is feasible through the use of nanomaterials which enable the capture and concentration of industrial and natural CO2 sources and their conversion into methanol which can then be converted into other chemicals and plastic products now derived from petroleum and natural gas sources.

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by gerundergrund

i'll give you +1 for sort of funny < - > 06/26 22:46:47
invisibility cloak via metamaterials, negative index materials, and plasmonic nanostructures...ok then
spare me the details
def regurgs please? :
"invisibility via metamaterials" >>>cheeky designatory reference terminology selection, because what's interdicted is in classified genre- wise as "metamaterial"--the light photons--non material so meta material. Like saying "I'm shooting bullets at him" and not "I'm shooting my gun at him". That's my understanding

Nanotubes Increase Solar PV Conductivity 100 Million-Fold  — Sourceable
Carbon-based nanostructures are already being used as materials in solar cells with increasing frequency, yet their ability to enhance electrical performance has thus far been hampered by limited ability to assemble orderly networks using the materials.

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