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Source: PragmaticIn a previous article we highlighted Camtek (NASDAQ:CAMT), a company that develops enhanced automated solutions for production processes in the printed circuit board (PCB) industry, and their intent to move into “3D printing”. Camtek is preparing to launch their “GreenJet 3D printer”, which in fact is a digital inkjet solder mask printing system which has been around since 2007. This printing system deposits solder mask on printed circuit boards, but is not capable of printing circuits on plastic, paper, card or metal surfaces that are flexible or curved. One company that can is PragmatIC Printing.

Cambridge UK based Pragmatic Printing acquired the printed electronics business of Nano ePrint Ltd. in 2010. Spun off from the University of Manchester in 2006, Nano ePrint was a specialist in the design and manufacturing of planar nano-electronics. Pragmatic Printing uses imprint lithography to produce sub-micron transistors on various substrates using physical force to pattern the elements, which has the potential to be very cost effective. The electronics can be integrated onto plastic, paper, card or metal surfaces, which may be curved or flexible.

The printed electronics can be partially transparent, or integrated into the artwork of the product, and are extremely thin so that they do not appear raised.

Technology Applications
While Pragmatic has used this technology to create electronic greeting cards for Tigerprint, a Hallmark subsidiary, they propose some much more interesting applications for this technology going forward. Animated branding can bring a brand logo to life by making it flash or change color when the consumer touches it.Printed_Electronics_Market em>Smart packaging can integrate useful functionality into packaging, for example a timer allowing the consumer to easily check how long their hair dye has been applied. All the potential applications for printed electronics have tremendous growth potential in the next six years as see in the below chart by NanoMarkets:

The above forecast by NanoMarkets calls for a $1.15 billion printed electronics market in 2014 which will grow to $16.7 billion in 2019, a CAGR of 58 percent. Recently Pragmatic partnered with Procter & Gamble and several other firms to create the world’s first flexible multi-functional timer based on commercially available printed electronics which will be distributed at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe event in Berlin next month. The device consists of an electronic logic circuit implemented with thin film metal oxide transistors, powered by a printed battery, and integrated onto a paper substrate. The piece of paper has four individually controlled timing options, activated by bending or “dog-earing” one of the corners of the paper.

End-users highlight potential of printed electronics at PE Europe 2010.: An article from: Ink World
Book (Rodman Publishing)

Logitechs sold at Apple stores do, actually

by higgmerr

The Logitech Web cam sold at Apple stores has that Mac-friendly seal of approval printed right on the box. I almost bought one there a few weeks ago, but the sales person said I could get the same thing cheaper at any other electronics store. I went to several, and not a single one had the Apple-compatible logo printed on the box. When I went back to the Apple store to buy it, they had sold out. I think Apple makes it next to impossible to upgrade old equipment. If there's a third party product that will allow you to do so, Apple makes certain you buy it from them directly or not at all.
(Thanks for the tip on the mac cam software, though.)

My ham radio room

by sparkles_with_frugalness

Built my first equipment with parts salvaged from discarded tube-type TVs. Amazing, people used to just throw non-functioning electronics into empty fields. Every bit of radio equipment in my radio room I got for free, because I helped design it, and the company rewarded me with a "sample" of the early runs.
The tower that holds up the antenna - I got paid to take it down by the previous owner.
The desk on which the gear sits - a solid-core exterior door on top of two two-drawer file cabinets, all gifts given to me by a guy whom I helped move.
Photos on the walls are pictures I took personally when on trips to various foreign countries, which I then printed out in 2 X 3 foot format using a color inkjet plotter at work

Plastic Logic shows a flexible OLED display for wearable devices  —
Plastic Logic demonstrated a flexible AMOLED display at Printed Electronics Europe, an event organised by IDTechEx. The flexible device is the direct result of a recently announced collaboration with Novaled, a supplier of OLED materials. Apr 10, 2014.

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