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Electronic greeting cards | Pragmatic Printing | Cambridge UKPragmatIC’s printed logic circuits are applicable to any product requiring low cost, non-invasive electronic functionality. Electronics can be integrated on plastic, paper, card or metal surfaces, which may be curved or flexible. It can be partially transparent, or integrated into the artwork of the product, and is ultra thin so it does not stand out. In essence, imagine a product or package that looks normal, until you touch it or interact with it in some other way – and then suddenly it activates a light, or a logo, or a dynamic illustration... just like magic!

Some early possibilities include:

  • Electronic greeting cards – For example, when you open it, the card pops up an image of a firework display complete with flashing fireworks.
  • Games, toys and novelties – Engage with the child and leisure markets in an entirely new way, for example by incorporating simple games directly into magazines or mail-outs.
  • Animated branding – Bring a brand logo or strap-line to life by making it flash or change when the consumer touches it.
  • Smart packaging – Integrate useful functionality into the packaging of a product, for example a timer allowing the consumer to easily check how long their hair dye has been applied and telling them when to remove it.
  • Brand protection – Allow the consumer to easily authenticate products via a label that shows a visual feature (e.g. your logo) when touched or placed near an RF source.

Electronic media

by daddyhuey

Popular modern entertainment relies heavily on the use of electricity, computers, and electronics. In the days before electricity, singers were selected for their ability to project, actors for their stage ability, musical instruments for their audibility, and newspapers and magazines for their sentence structure, diction and clarity....... all without the use of electronic assistance or special effect enhancements.
Lets see a comparison of low tech vs high tech
MOVIES - Movies used to be an extension or in some cases a replacement for a stage performance

I one who has offshored jobs

by it_was_about_quality

American workers are arrogant and stuck-up.
In China, if you offer a job, people line up for it. In the US, most people think most jobs are "beneath" them.
Example: I need someone to do printed circuit board design. In the US, you cannot get a degreed engineer to apply for that job. "It's techician's work". It pays well - $75,000 to $100,000 per year. But you will NEVER see a degreed engineer in the US applying for it, because it is "menial". Instead, the degreed engineer will apply for a job entitled "Signal Integrity Engineer" for $55,000 to $75,000 and will "direct" a "PC board layout specialist" (who brings home $50,000 to $75,000), and the two of them together will take weeks and weeks to lay out a board

Holst Centre and NovaCentrix partner to advance photonic curing  — Printed Electronics World
This makes it ideal for use with plastic substrates in high-volume roll-to-roll processes for affordable printed electronics applications.

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