Printed Electronics Exhibition

Dinner in the Great HallThis was an international conference covering the recent advances in manufacturing techniques and materials for printed electronics. There was a specific focus on making the transition from ‘lab to fab' and integrating devices into a final product. This conference was co-located with the 3rd plenary meeting of IEC TC119 (Printed Electronics); the standards committee which is a global effort to provide the technical foundation for the printed electronics industry.

With just under 150 delegates, from around the world, in attendance the Manufacturing for Printed Electronics Conference was one of the largest gatherings of its kind in the UK.

Delegates were treated to range of presentations across a broad range of topics related to printed electronics including; materials, fabrication technologies, vacuum deposition, metrology and applications.Keynote speakers from the National Centre for Printable Electronics from the Centre for Process Innovation and market research experts IDTechEx gave a great insight into what is happening in the UK and the world in this exciting field.

To download a pdf of the presentations please click on the links in the below.

Conference Programme:

08.30 Registration
09.30 Welcome and Overview
09.40 KEYNOTE: National Centre for Printable Electronics, Centre for Process Innovation
Dr. Tom Taylor
SESSION 1: Materials
10.00 Towards integration of solution processable OTFTs into Flexible Electronics
Dr. Irina Afonina, Merck Chemicals
10.20 Applications of low cost copper inks to high volume biosensor applications
Dr.In the packed Riley Auditorium oll manufacturing of electronic devices on thin flexible glass
Helios Chan, M-Solv Ltd.
11.50 Optimization of Manufacturing Scale Photonic Curing of Conductive Inks
Andrew Edd, Novacentrix
12.10 Technology transfer from Sheet-to-Sheet to Roll-to-Roll processing for industrial scale Printed Electronics manufacturing
Pit Teunissen, Holst-TNO
12.30 Lunch, Poster Session & Exhibition


Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx

SESSION 3: Vacuum Deposition & Metrology
14.20 Fabrication and Stability of Vacuum deposited OTFTs
Ziqian Ding, Oxford University
14.40 Non-contact motion in vacuum for OLED deposition processes
Jan van Gerwen, Bosch Rexroth
15.00 Surface metrology challenges for printed electronics
Dr. Chris Jones, National Physical Laboratory
15.20 Poster Session, Exhibition & Refreshments
SESSION 4: Applications
15.50 Gas Sensors on Printed Polymeric Micro-hotplates

Logitechs sold at Apple stores do, actually

by higgmerr

The Logitech Web cam sold at Apple stores has that Mac-friendly seal of approval printed right on the box. I almost bought one there a few weeks ago, but the sales person said I could get the same thing cheaper at any other electronics store. I went to several, and not a single one had the Apple-compatible logo printed on the box. When I went back to the Apple store to buy it, they had sold out. I think Apple makes it next to impossible to upgrade old equipment. If there's a third party product that will allow you to do so, Apple makes certain you buy it from them directly or not at all.
(Thanks for the tip on the mac cam software, though.)

My ham radio room

by sparkles_with_frugalness

Built my first equipment with parts salvaged from discarded tube-type TVs. Amazing, people used to just throw non-functioning electronics into empty fields. Every bit of radio equipment in my radio room I got for free, because I helped design it, and the company rewarded me with a "sample" of the early runs.
The tower that holds up the antenna - I got paid to take it down by the previous owner.
The desk on which the gear sits - a solid-core exterior door on top of two two-drawer file cabinets, all gifts given to me by a guy whom I helped move.
Photos on the walls are pictures I took personally when on trips to various foreign countries, which I then printed out in 2 X 3 foot format using a color inkjet plotter at work

Plastic Logic shows a flexible OLED display for wearable devices  —
Plastic Logic demonstrated a flexible AMOLED display at Printed Electronics Europe, an event organised by IDTechEx. The flexible device is the direct result of a recently announced collaboration with Novaled, a supplier of OLED materials. Apr 10, 2014.

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