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Inkjet-Printed Graphene Electronics

Cover ImageJan Hynek, Vít Kalousek, Radek Žouželka, Petr Bezdička, Petr Dzik, Jiří Rathouský, Jan Demel, and Kamil Lang

Langmuir2014 30 (1), 380-386

  • High Photocatalytic Activity of Transparent Films Composed of ZnO Nanosheets

    Nanometric thin films were prepared by dip-coating and inkjet printing ZnO nanosheets on glass plates. The side-by-side alignment of the ZnO nanosheets on the substrate resulted in thin, transparent, oriented ZnO surfaces with the high-energy {001} facets ...

Cover ImageAndrew T. S. Wee (Associate Editor)

ACS Nano2013 (7), 5649-5650

Yufei Wang, Yasushi Mino, Satoshi Watanabe, Dan Li, and Xuehua Zhang

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2013 5 (13), 6176-6181

  • Formation of Regular Stripes of Chemically Converted Graphene on Hydrophilic Substrates

    Chemically converted graphene (CCG), from a chemistry point of view, is a giant molecule with a unique two-dimensional (2D) configuration. The availability of CCG dispersion provides a range of scalable methods to assemble graphene-based materials but ...

Cover ImageKenjiro Fukuda, Tomohito Sekine, Daisuke Kumaki, and Shizuo Tokito

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2013 5 (9), 3916-3920

  • Profile Control of Inkjet Printed Silver Electrodes and Their Application to Organic Transistors

    Kenjiro Fukuda, Tomohito Sekine, Daisuke Kumaki, and Shizuo Tokito

    We report on the cross-sectional profile control of printed electrodes fabricated from silver nanoparticle inks with water-based solvents by inkjet printing. Systematically varying the ambient conditions and time for the drying process corresponded to ...

Ethan B. Secor, Pradyumna L. Prabhumirashi, Kanan Puntambekar, Michael L. Geier, and Mark C. Hersam

The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters2013 4 (8), 1347-1351

  • Inkjet Printing of High Conductivity, Flexible Graphene Patterns

    The ability to print high conductivity, conformal, and flexible electrodes is an important technological challenge in printed electronics, especially for large-area formats with low cost considerations. In this Letter, we demonstrate inkjet-printed, high ...

Cover Image Cover Image
Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Device Physics
Book (Cambridge University Press)

Logitechs sold at Apple stores do, actually

by higgmerr

The Logitech Web cam sold at Apple stores has that Mac-friendly seal of approval printed right on the box. I almost bought one there a few weeks ago, but the sales person said I could get the same thing cheaper at any other electronics store. I went to several, and not a single one had the Apple-compatible logo printed on the box. When I went back to the Apple store to buy it, they had sold out. I think Apple makes it next to impossible to upgrade old equipment. If there's a third party product that will allow you to do so, Apple makes certain you buy it from them directly or not at all.
(Thanks for the tip on the mac cam software, though.)

My ham radio room

by sparkles_with_frugalness

Built my first equipment with parts salvaged from discarded tube-type TVs. Amazing, people used to just throw non-functioning electronics into empty fields. Every bit of radio equipment in my radio room I got for free, because I helped design it, and the company rewarded me with a "sample" of the early runs.
The tower that holds up the antenna - I got paid to take it down by the previous owner.
The desk on which the gear sits - a solid-core exterior door on top of two two-drawer file cabinets, all gifts given to me by a guy whom I helped move.
Photos on the walls are pictures I took personally when on trips to various foreign countries, which I then printed out in 2 X 3 foot format using a color inkjet plotter at work

Plastic Logic shows a flexible OLED display for wearable devices  —
Plastic Logic demonstrated a flexible AMOLED display at Printed Electronics Europe, an event organised by IDTechEx. The flexible device is the direct result of a recently announced collaboration with Novaled, a supplier of OLED materials. Apr 10, 2014.

Keithley Keithley 2450 Advanced Touchscreen SourceMeter SMU Instrument
Home Improvement (Keithley)
  • Learn Faster, Work Smarter, Invent Easier. Connectivity: GPIB, USB, Ethernet (LXI)
  • Five-inch, high resolution capacitive touchscreen GUI Source and measure voltage, current and resistance in a tightly coupled, compact and affordable I-V instrument...
  • Enhanced sensitivity with new 20mV and 10nA source/measure ranges Front panel input banana jacks; rear panel input triaxial connections Front panel USB memory port...
  • Applications: Ideal for current/voltage characterization and functional test of a wide range of today¡¯s modern electronics and devices; Semiconductors LEDs, Solar...
  • Includes: 8608 High Performance Test Leads, USB-B-1 USB Cable, Type A to Type B, 1m (3.3 ft), CS-1616-3 Safety Interlock Mating Connector CA-180-3A TSP-Link/Ethernet...
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