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This Consultation Document seeks views on the proposal to replace the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 (Application outside Great Britain) Order 2001 with a new 2013 Order. This will ensure that all workers offshore are adequately protected by law and HSE maintains its authority to regulate offshore. Responses are invited, to be […]

This consultation seeks views on HSE’s proposals for replacing the 2001 Order and 2011 Variation Order with a new 2013 Order. The new order will – Provide legal clarity for duty holders that HSE has the power to regulate activities associated with new emerging energy technologies (EET), ensure statutory protection currently provided in 2001 Order and 2011 Variation Order is […]

Compiled by HSE’s Emerging Energy Technologies Programme, this report provides a current assessment of the health and safety hazards that key emerging energy technologies could pose, both to workers and to the public at large.

In this episode: We look at how HSE is working to support the UK’s transition to safe, low-carbon, affordable energies as we speak to Taf Powell, director of HSE’s Emerging Energy Technologies programme.

Over the next decade and beyond, the UK is set to take significant steps towards a new energy economy. This will be an economy where the technologies meeting our electricity, heat and fuel needs have to deliver against three key criteria: sustainability, security and affordability.

In this episode: HSE’s Taf Powell talks about HSE’s contribution to ensuring secure, clean and affordable energy for Britain in the future.

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Role of energy subsidies in US (nukes win)

by Tek_Jansen

Using data culled from the academic literature,
government documents, and NGO sources, in this
paper we examine the extent of federal support (as
well as support from the various states in pre-Civil
War America) for emerging energy technologies
in their early days. We then analyze discrete
periods in history when the federal government
enacted specific subsidies. While other scholars
have suggested that the scope of earlier subsidies...
As a percentage of inflation-adjusted federal
spending (eliminating increases in new programmatic
spending since the introduction of
early oil and gas subsidies in 1918), nuclear
subsidies comprised more than 10% of this
normalized federal budget...

Alternate energy/power expos

by ST-

I'd like to compile a list of annual energy shows/expos that are held in America. Then figure out which one(s) to attend. Ideally these would be alternate energy expos that present solutions, emerging/current technologies and/or products for sale in the construction industry or consumer solutions to include solar, wind etc. I'll consider most anything that is related to alternative energy solutions.
Anyone been to any such expos? Are there must attend type expos? Recommendations? I'll head now to a search engine. Thanks.

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.. generations swim in technology practically from birth: “The professions that COM serves—film, television, advertising, journalism, public relations, and media stories—rely intrinsically on the very same emerging communication technologies that ..

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