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  • Who’s Pushing New Technologies?
    Response to the question “Who do you think is primarily pushing new technologies in higher education?” revealed students as the drivers (44%), but additional polling showed that IT leaders focus on wider institutional priorities even as they react to student expectation and demand.
  • Challenges What are the challenges surrounding the deployment of emerging technologies?
    Participants suggested their own categories, and as a group ranked the following, among other criteria (right): • Impact of technology on learning (30%) • Helping people (faculty, etc.) change (23%) • Keeping up with change (15%) • Changing criteria for evaluating scholarly teaching and learning (5%).
  • Additional Challenges
    In a ranking of “additional” challenges, participants singled out planning for innovation (48%) as the most significant challenge.
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It will behoove you to learn both

by rhymnoceros

I don't think RoR will ever replace PHP. PHP is pretty widely used and is installed on every hosting company that's worth anything. RoR, not so much and there are many more promising technologies currently emerging that are poised to compete with RoR. However, learning the MVC architecture that RoR uses will make you a better programmer and will help you learn a plethora of other technologies from Grails (java programming) to Django (python framework) to ASP.NET MVC. I would suggest starting out with CakePHP, it is a PHP implementation of a MVC framework that is very analogous to RoR. If you do this, you will have a solid understanding of PHP and learning RoR (or django or grails or ASP

Keep learning java

by baltam

One of the very first mistakes i made in my career was trying to keep up with the plethora of new technology emerging every month, when I didn't have the basics to learn any of them properly. Stick to one genre of technologies... if you prefer open source, go with L.A.M.P (linux, apache, mysql (or postgre), and perl/python/php). Or server etc for microsoft. Don't try to learn them all at once! pick one that interests you and stick with it. Because after all, after mastering, say, Java, any other language will look familiar to you.
as for "I heard Java servlets is for real programmers, and the rest is just for those who don't know programming

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