Emerging Software Technologies

Software Engineering: Evolution and Emerging Technologies

Software Engineering: Evolution and Emerging Technologies

The capability to design quality software and implement modern information systems is at the core of economic growth in the 21st century. Nevertheless, exploiting this potential is only possible when adequate human resources are available and when modern software engineering methods and tools are used. The recent years have witnessed rapid evolution of software engineering methodologies, including the creation of new platforms and tools which aim to shorten the software design process, raise its quality and cut down its costs. This evolution is made possible through ever-increasing knowledge of software design strategies as well as through improvements in system design and code testing procedures. At the same time, the need for broad access to high-performance and high-throughput computing resources necessitates the creation of large-scale, interactive information systems, capable of processing millions of transactions per seconds. These systems, in turn, call for new, innovative distributed software design and implementation technologies. The purpose of this book is to review and analyze emerging software engineering technologies, focusing on the evolution of design and implementation platforms as well as on novel computer systems related to the development of modern information services.

Free Offshore Software Development Seminar

by SeveralSeatsRemaining

Choosing the Right Offshore Model: TwoShore or Direct Offshore - Which model is right for you?
Local client collaboration, design and project management, coupled with global software development center, are quickly emerging as the superior model for rapid, low-cost software outsourcing for many companies and software projects.
During this informative seminar, Valtech will contrast the traditional direct offshore model with Valtech's TwoShore model and provide you with a detailed overview of the specific goverance, process, and technology infrastructure necessary to fuel low-cost, highly innovative software solutions

Emerging country stock markets boom

by Mozi

The Standard & Poor's 500-stock index is up 19.1% this year. Not bad. But that's chump change compared with the Bovespa, the index for the São Paulo exchange in Brazil. The gains there? A shade under 100%, when translated into dollars. If you want something a little more sedate, try the Bangkok set index. It's up a mere 89%...
Emerging markets are hot, hot, hot. Hotels in Bombay and Bangalore are booked solid as investors fly in, looking for the next Infosys Technologies Ltd. (INFY ), the original India software star. Fund managers are poring over the books of Argentine steelmakers, Indonesian cigarette sellers, Polish juice peddlers

INVITATION Great benefits: China International Software & Information Service ..  — Ningbo Expat Life
Ø Emerging Information Technologies: cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, digital technology, Internet application, business intelligence, new e-commerce, intelligent terminal, artificial intelligence, new media, mobile game, 3D ..

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