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SMB Nation Emerging Technology Tour 2014 to Kick off Soon

Ad Layouts - 220 x 150 - ASMB Nation is very excited about the opportunity to bring events to you in 2014! Here’s a look at what the Emerging Technology Tour is all about:

What you get?

  • Hands-on deep dive into the changes and "gotchas" in Exchange 2013.
  • Four-hour deep dive into Powershell and its uses to replace the wizards that will no longer be available in Microsoft server products.
  • PowerShell Instructions on automating many of your day to day processes and a disk of tools and resources.
  • Learn SOPs Standard Operating Procedures that will instantly increase your profits with Karl Palachuk.


About our Presenters:

Jason Yoder (MCT, MCSE, MCITP) is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and PowerShell enthusiast who delivers classes across the United States in Windows PowerShell, Server and Client.

Karl Palachuk is a frequent trainer and speaker in the SMB Community. His popular blog can be found at SmallBizThoughts.Com. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Gonzaga University and a Master’s Degree and Ph.D Candidacy Degree from The University of Michigan. He has many Microsoft certifications and has more than twenty years’ experience as an I.T. professional.

Dave Shackelford loves an interesting AD or Exchange problem, and considers the opportunity to teach on those subjects a special treat. He is an MCSE, MCT, and was an Exchange MVP for eight years. Seen mostly near Seattle and sometimes in SoCal, Dave mentors and assists other consultants and IT Pros with their Exchange deployments, migrations and troubleshooting.

For more information, please visit

This is a $999.00 value for only $199.00. For our first event, Sponsor D&H has graciously offered to cover the ticket price for the first 100 registrants! Use the code DandHTicket2014 when registering for the Silicon Valley event on January 31!

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It all depends on the recruiters...

by wickedana

The last agency I worked for was owned by an ex-software engineer, so he was always on top of technology and what could cross over into what. We had weekly meetings on emerging technologies and we'd always have discussions about candidates.
But there are 2 other issues at hand right now:
1. The market - obvious I know, but if someone is posting for a person with XYZ skills then that's what they want...not just XY, or YZ. The want the whole list for cheap.
2. Internal Recruiters at companies: They are usually people who are staffing for an entire company, so they don't know much about what's going on

Sony: Record Annual Loss of $5.7 billion

by ravenze

By Jamie Condliffe
Things have been going wrong at Sony for a long old time. But if you need hard evidence of its downward trajectory, how about this: it just reported a record annual loss, of $5.7 billion. Ouch.
The $5.7 billion loss is for the 2011 financial year, of which $3.2 billion was racked up in the final quarter. Sony points to "unfavourable" foreign exchange rates, the impact of a Japanese earthquake and the floods in Thailand as reasons for its under-performance

Emerging technologies in emerging economies  — Muscat Daily
With the growing footprint of high-tech multinationals in the region and the impact of emerging technologies on the market, those companies are playing a critical role in advancing local talents, either by direct employment and exposure to the ..

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Wiley Technology at the Margins: How IT Meets the Needs of Emerging Markets (Microsoft Executive Leadership Series) 1st (first) Edition by Chutani, Sailesh, Rothenberg Aalami, Jessica, Badshah, Akhta published by Wiley (2010)
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