Nanocomposites. review

Nanocomposites: a review of technology and applications

Citation: Robert Bogue, (2011) "Nanocomposites: a review of technology and applications", Assembly Automation, Vol. 31 Iss: 2, pp.106 - 112
Keywords: Composite materials, Electronic engineering, Nanotechnology, Polymers
Article type: Technical paper
DOI: 10.11 (Permanent URL)
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Purpose – This paper aims to describe the technology and applications of nanocomposite materials.

Design/methodology/approach – This paper discusses products, applications and technological developments in polymer, ceramic and metal nanocomposites. It concludes with a brief consideration of electronic component applications.

Findings – It is shown that polymer nanocomposites and the materials used in their production are commercially available and finding applications in several industries, including automotive, military, food, electronics and leisure, due to their enhanced mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. Ceramic and metallic nanocomposites are at an earlier stage of development and a critical issue to resolve is optimising the dispersion of nanomaterials in the matrices. Passive electronic components based on nanocomposite materials are under development.

Originality/value – The paper provides a review of the rapidly developing field of nanocomposite technology.

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US polymer nanocomposites demand to exceed 7 billion pounds in 2020.: An article from: Research Studies - Freedonia Group
Book (Thomson Gale)

Ashok Kumar Nanjundan's Page

by masterminds

Nanjundan Ashok Kumar, Sung Hun Kim, Jong Tae Kim, Kwon Taek Lim, Yeon Tae Jeong (2008) Study on cluster formation of poly 2- hydroxyethyl methacrylate functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes Surface Review and letters 15: 5. 1-9 October
Nanjundan Ashok Kumar, Hullathy Subban Ganapathy, Jong Su Kim, Yong Seok Jeong, Yeon Tae Jeong (2008) Preparation of poly 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate functionalized carbon nanotubes as novel biomaterial nanocomposites European Polymer Journal 44: 3. 579-586 March
Young Hwan Park, Nanjundan Ashok Kumar, Ji Young Kim, Jong Tae Kim, Kwon Taek Lim, Yeon Tae Jeong (2007)...

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