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Ceradrop L-Series Ink-jet Printer

Model: Ceradrop

Contact person: Inna Schulz

This is an ink-jet printer with many advanced features such as large printing area (305 x 305 mm2), automated printhead switching, jetting analysis, realignment, printhead heating, auto-cleaning, vacuum clamping, etc. It can adapt three printheads which enables to print multiple materials at any discrete resolution with an accuracy of +/- 2.5 µm. The system is built around easily interchangeable printheads, ensuring high process repeatability, high jetting accuracy and broad materials compatibility. The printer has a full software package, such as the exclusive CAD/CAM software for component design and printing job definition with integration of all process parameters. The system is able to deposit a wide range of inks (water based, oil, solvent, UV, biological fluid) dedicated to printed electronics (conductive, dielectric, magnetic, piezoelectric, semi-conductive, photocatalytic, etc.) onto different kinds of substrates such as plastic, paper, glass, ceramics, silicon. The printer includes all the necessary facilities for high-level R&D for a wide range of applications.

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Electronic media

by daddyhuey

Popular modern entertainment relies heavily on the use of electricity, computers, and electronics. In the days before electricity, singers were selected for their ability to project, actors for their stage ability, musical instruments for their audibility, and newspapers and magazines for their sentence structure, diction and clarity....... all without the use of electronic assistance or special effect enhancements.
Lets see a comparison of low tech vs high tech
MOVIES - Movies used to be an extension or in some cases a replacement for a stage performance

Global Printed Electronics Market 2014-2018  — PR Newswire
As printed electronics use non-hazardous raw materials for the production of electronic products, this is the most suitable technology that can be incorporated for the development of eco-friendly electronic products. Key Topics Covered: 01.

Consumer electronics reign supreme: Asian control of cell phone and IC substrate production propels growth.(WORLD MARKETS): An article from: Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture
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